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Empowering Clients to enjoy Chefs who Travel
and Master luxury Culinary

Create the only gateway course to becoming a Master Adventure Chef® and explore the world from day 1


Catering Request

​Adventure Chef Catering Has Minimum Order $800 Per Person, $3500 Per Event To Keep Our Flamed Bbq Rolling

International Catrering

Pure wholesome food and spices. We have close partnerships with local organic farms and ranches throughout this region in the United States to provide our guests with a true farm to fork experience. We also stay innovative and exciting with our approach to molecular gastronomy by working with top chefs from around the world, and incorporating new and inventive ways to preparing and presenting our cuisine.


You could say we are the best of both worlds by providing Old World and Modern techniques… sometimes combining them with fun exciting approaches to food. Our goal is to always use the best product available and prepare many of them in front of your guests.


The Impact of the Adventure Chefs 

We are excited to share this project with you to join us to fund and produce something remarkable. Surviving and thriving during COVID has proven that our secrets in the culinary world to cater and start a restaurant in a pandemic are replicable and teachable for others benefit.


We've generated a consistent revenue stream of 6 figures in multiple culinary avenues. *We believe in being generous by impacting countless chefs out there needing hope in the middle of uncertainty.

Our chefs have collaborated for years before deciding to combine forces and provide an authentic farm to fork experience that many chefs talk about but very few deliver. Their inspiration comes from their deep passion and love of food, and servitude, and each other.  Traveling the world and the local countryside, they enjoy incorporating all they see and taste into every event.


 They specialize in all types of cuisine and involve other top chefs in menu development. Recognized as international chefs, they have been all over and have the methods to share untold techniques within the Adventure Chef Academy course that no master class will teach you.







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Wind Fire Earth Water

Adventure Chefs incorporates wind, fire, water, and earth into their farm-to-fork products and locally sourced catered foods. They use wind turbines and wood-fired cooking methods to reduce their carbon footprint, and sustainable irrigation methods to conserve water. By sourcing locally and using organic farming methods, Adventure Chefs promotes healthy soil and supports local communities, providing delicious and sustainable cuisine that showcases the natural elements.


Meet Your Master Adventure Chefs

Our chefs from all over the country with world renown experience

  • Our chefs have collaborated for years before deciding to combine forces and deliver a true farm to fork experience that many chefs talk about, but very few deliver. 

  • Their inspiration comes from their deep passion and love of food, and servitude, and each other.  Traveling the world and the local country side they enjoy incorporating all they see and taste into every event.  They specialize in all types of cuisine and involve other top chefs in menu development.

  • Recognized as international chefs they have been all over and have the methods to share untold techniques within the Adventure Chef Academy course that, no master class will teach you.

Abstract Structure
kitchen-knife-clipping-path-P9BNN2X Fina

Chef Z Kent Cottle

is a renowned culinary expert and the driving force behind the international luxury catering company Adventure Chefs.

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Chef V

highly skilled pastry chef with extensive knowledge in baking, having mastered the art of creating delectable desserts, bread, and other baked goods with her expertise, creativity, and passion.

meet your chefs


What do you gain from this Chef Course?

With limited time and resources, we call out to you as friends and confidants to help fund the production of a 16 part course that will teach people who need it the solutions to:

  • VIP Earlybird access to the course that is limited to only this campaign

  • The ability to pay it forward and sponsor this course to a fellow chef or business owner

  • Lifetime access to the class with the new content released after the product launch

  • Free 30 minute bonus private video from the Chefs after contributing to the fund

  • Email updates and access to 7 of our most prized recipes

  • Eye-catching  mouth-watering

  • Menus from the world with a list of our favorite items to order or make

  • You will receive updates on how chefs succeed and move past the kitchen and become successful entrepreneurs all over the world

  • A potential thank you mystery box package with food and drink items for you and your loved ones to enjoy tasting the real deal

  • The highest reward is the opportunity to be chosen for a complimentary catering package with your friends and family


*Please note the funding levels you contribute with impact this pool list.

How will the classes benefit people?

  1. Pivot your business 190 degrees even during a pandemic

  2. Stand apart in your market and niche

  3. Get out of the kitchen or business you are in and travel the world

  4. Receive solutions to never plateau but scale your business

  5. Understand connections and close deals daily

  6. Fill your culinary schedule accurately

  7. Hidden recipes that will make you loved and famous overnight

  8. Equipment hacks and tools to leverage that you've missed

  9. Developing groundbreaking master chef recipes

  10. Establishing locations that will make your ideal client talking for decades Costing everything while traveling smart and safe

  11. Learn about prep vs. onsite and the advantages of each

  12. Be the best in any season or condition:

  13. wind, water, snow, and heat.

  14. Structure pack lists and fail-safes that will save you $1 million in gross revenue Bringing the "WOW" factor without even trying

Parallel Lines

How far are we from launching?

We are just a few months from launching the first four sessions of this limited course in February 2021. The next 12 sessions will rely on the feedback we receive from you and the chefs.


Our goal is to provide an interactive experience that enhances the learning process. You are essentially building this content with us by voting with your resource.


This whole production is possible by every individual's input from the video editors, staff, cooking, locations we film, partners we have, and, most importantly, your participation. It doesn't stop there.


We have plans for expansion after the 16 session course to build out a dinner course for couples amongst other partners who want to collaborate and contribute. The proof of concept is in your delicate hands and our culinary fingers.


The Life-changing Culinary Impact You Will Provide

You will be pouring either into your own life and knowledge or investing in the future of other restaurant business owners or chefs. The food industry's busy livelihood is a trapping place to be for someone who loves food and loves to explore.


For some, the dying draining passion of being called upon and catering food can be a toxic life-sucking position. Our goal is to reach out and pull people into the reality of Adventure Cheffing, a term we came up with when we discovered this lifestyle ten years ago.


We've seen enough joy and opportunity within adventure cheffing. Finally, we aim to produce this into a 16 part course that will give people answers in an easy-to-understand, entertaining format.


The time has come to do something and give it our all. We've reduced the time we take to cater and run our restaurants to make this like nothing out there.

How we will steward your funds

We love to be transparent with you and create an ongoing relationship by being fair to everyone and standing true to our promise.


We connected with professional course developers who've built million-dollar courses that help individuals push the boundaries.


Your funds will be allowing a multimedia company to produce the course and marketing to ensure it reaches the right people.


Daniel James van den Berg and Matt Peabody, a sports broadcasting producer, will take point on filming, editing, and building content, with a team of over five assistant employees.


Visit the Daniel James Media website here to see their work:

Fruits and Nuts Wedding Location Adventure Chef Course indiegogo.jpg
Food Plater Outside River Adventure Chef Course indiegogo.jpg

The core 

Adventure Chefs, led by renowned Chef Z Cottle, is an international luxury catering company specializing in unique culinary travel experiences with the finest ingredients and custom menus. Their skilled team can cater to clients in remote locations with state-of-the-art equipment, and they offer catering previews for clients to sample their dishes and services. For an unforgettable culinary adventure, Adventure Chefs provides exceptional cuisine, unparalleled service, and unique experiences that exceed expectations.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't help right now here are some other ways you can assist and make this a reality.


  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about this campaign. Share it on social media and we will add you to our pool of giveaway funders. You can use the Indiegogo share tools to take advantage of this.

  • If you have questions feel free to comment and ask and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


You are incredible for taking your precious time to support us in any way!

We look forward to connecting with you and seeing your input

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Middle Eastern Food


  • 20 Years of experience

  • Catered over 500 events

  • Traveled to 25 states for catering

  • 10 International catering trips

  • Multiple 6 figure streams of income

  • Developed over 100 trademark recipes

  • Created 50 menus for companies

  • Successfully acquired multiple VIP celebrity catering relationships

  • Assisted United States military, veteran, and government culinary contracts





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download (7)

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