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- 90-Day Unlimited Revisions, 90-Day Refund and Lifetime Backup Guarantee! -

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lifetime competitive branding

breathtaking local logo maker, logo design, from professional graphic design experts that create long term results for your customers first impression.

Graphics - Video - Web - Marketing

A Glimpse of Our Portfolio

Not only a branding company. We expand far deeper into graphic design, video production, marketing and website design in order to stay relevant in 2020 and beyond. We follow trends using Google Ads / Adwords with a marketing mix tailored for you, we explore data and we pursue marketable, internet design stories that will stick for decades.


why work with DJM?

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Unlimited Design changes

Size formats with unlimited client adjustments. This means logos can be used and printed in online forms.

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Fast delivery

3-day delivery on concepts. Deadlines and a scheduled date compromise is never an option for us. We stand behind asap delivery without compromising on true quality design.

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lifetime design backup

Your design will be archived and scaleable so that billboards, posters, and any format would look superb!

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timeless Customer Assistance

We offer customized services to our customers that helps them in outperforming competitors. From longterm logo design to web design, print media and winning social media campaign we have got all covered for you at one place.

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Elite designers

Disciplined, dedicated designers who understand digital marketing inside and out. Building brand identity and story brands that last is what we do best!

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affordable options

We offer market-relevant logo prices and fantastic products at affordable prices.

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Real people, with real results 

Don't take our word for it, take theirs! We pride ourselves in every detail that aligns with who you are and what you stand for. "Design Together Tomorrow"


[ Daniel James van den Berg - Strategic Founder ]

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We are a highly specialized multimedia design, marketing agency encompassed by a team of virtual co-workers from across the world. We analyze your business and construct a perfect mix of design, web design, video,YouTube and marketing strategy to dominate your industry.


On top of all this, we donate 11% of gross income to help South African and USA communities create jobs, alleviate corruption and support orphans in need.


We've Completed over

1339+ Projects

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